Guest - Deanna Bogart

Guest - Deanna Bogart

Deanna Bogart...“blusion…it all grows out of the blues… just doesn’t always end there…..”db

When it comes to Deanna Bogart, everyone wants to claim her as their own—her hometown, her fans, her fellow musicians and even her instruments.  She’s that good-and that good-natured.

Born in Detroit, Deanna spent her early years in Phoenix and New Your City, climbing on any available piano bench to plunk and play with preternatural panache.  Around the age of six, she was “gently removed” from the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music for playing piano by ear instead of learning to read music.  While in middle school, Deanna yearned to play the saxophone.  Typical of those times through, she was told, “Girls play the clarinet, not the sax.”  Thankfully, for us all that tide has changed.

Today, Deanna Bogart is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist and multifaceted musician whose fans value the diversity of her genre-free zone.  As a bandleader/singer/songwriter/producer/pianist/sax player, Deanna combines the best of boogie-woogie, contemporary blues, country and jazz into a splendid blend she calls “blusion.”

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