Bayou Brothers

Bayou Brothers

The Bayou Brothers started in 1995 with a shared love of Cajun and Zydeco music by founder John Chambers, on accordion and keyboards, and Ric Lee, laying down Zydeco and Cajun dance grooves on the drums.

John "Squeezebox" Chambers, a California native, started accordion lessons at the tender age of 8. At age 14, the Beatles came to the US and the accordion was replaced by a VOX organ. After time spent in the army, John returned and started playing music, and singing in local bars and clubs… any gig that paid a few bucks. John heard of a cool music called Zydeco, from Louisiana, and he never looked back! Searching for that "special accordion" he found one perfect for that kick`n zydeco sound. On a road trip through Louisiana and the Creole states, "Squeezebox" was converted and "THE BAYOU BROTHERS" was born.

The Bayou Brothers will be shaking up the stage with a sound straight out of Louisiana's dance clubs, bayou festivals and backyard crawfish boils, the Bayou Brothers will rock you right on into "Fat Tuesday" with their extensive experience and endless enthusiasm to deliver a rousing, rollicking, heart thumpin', foot stompin' musical gumbo y'all won't soon forget!

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